Meet the Girls…

Alex Smith


Shirt number – 24


Started playing korfball – January 2013

What got you into korfball – The mystery and intrigue

Played for – Only Warriors


Team achievements – None yet!

Personal achievements – Surviving fitness training


Best korfball memory – Outdoor training in beeautiful weather

Most goals in a match – 0 (I haven’t played any matches yet)

Preferred shot – Eyes closed, open mind.


Amy Dickens


Shirt number – 20


Started playing korfball – I started playing korfball in 2000…..

What got you into korfball – Started at Uni after a girl I lived with at Uni asked me to go along.

Played for – I was part of Sheffield Hallams first club for a while. Ive played for Hallam, Snakebite, Warriors and had a brief stint with the Leicester Tornadoes when I lived in Leicester for 6 months.

Joined Warriors – I joined warriors when it first started. I was part of the founding members.


Achievements – I genuinely can’t remember all my achievements but Ive won the leagues etc and I was part of the North West Team/Greater Manchester? at Counties? We won the best of the bottom half ….so we came 8th out of about 16 teams…it was a big deal! Ive played in Hungary, Belgium and Holland with Snakebite, and the North West Squad…


Best korfball memory – I have too many good memories to pick a best one really….. sorry!


Chelle Barker


Shirt number – 23


Started playing korfball – January 2012

What got you into korfball – We had lived in Manchester about eight months and wanted to find something fun that we could do together. Andy didn’t fancy swing dancing so we found Korfball instead!

Played for – Only the best one!

Joined Warriors – January 2012


Team achievements – A member of Warriors 2 when we won NWKL 2, I also played in the final of the Shield in 2012, which we won.

Personal achievements – Becoming the Warriors Secretary and scoring on Andy during training!


Best korfball memory – Playing in the final of the NW Shield in 2012. Having only played for 5 months and then playing in a division with three first teamers, Mike, Mel and Mossy, it was definitely an experience!

Most goals in a match – One at the most and none in NW matches…

Preferred shot – One that goes anywhere near the korf

Referee – Yes, second best in the North West

Coach – Level One

Significant Other – No significant other, just a big ginger bear that follows me around and gets me to organise his life for him : )


Elise Cox


Shirt number – 18


Started playing korfball – I started playing in the summer of 2012. There were lots of midges, and more pub than korf due to the rain!

What got you into korfball – Sophie Laurenson’s amazing advertising skills combined with having only just moved to the UK from Australia and desperately needing to meet people so I wasn’t bored or homesick.

Played for – Just the Warriors…it was love at first sight 🙂

Joined Warriors – Summer 2012


Team achievements – Being part of a team of pretty much newbies. We started the season a bit shaky but persisted and managed to completely turn things around and ended up being winners (of NWKL 2).

Personal achievements – Winning an award at Warriors Award Night! (It may have been for being a serial Facebook post liker, but it was an award nonetheless!).


Best korfball memory – Nottingham summer tournament 2012: It was the first time I had ever played an actual game of Korfball, I had no idea why people were yelling out what seemed to be random words (e.g. PARTY, GIRL, BOY, TIGHT) and the night ended on a high with a bunch of us finding a random house in Nottingham to order Dominos to!

Most goals in a match – Most goals in a match…1…in my first ever game. It has yet to be repeated. Look out 2013/14 season!

Preferred shot – One that goes in.

Significant Other – He got dragged along by me to my first training session…AND he is way better at Korfball than me which is annoying :p


Emma Higton


Shirt number – 1


Started playing korfball – At Uni in second year, took me a while to get into it, was about Jan 2010

What got you into korfball – I’d played basketball from a young age and then netball as a teenager so it seemed a perfect combination of the two!

Played for – University of Birmingham, Manchester Warriors

Joined Warriors – Jan 2012


Team achievements – Champs trophy in 2012, second in CEKL for two seasons running. Third at BUCS nationals in 2011

Personal achievements – Second top female scorer in CEKL 2012-13. Represented NW at Inter areas. Most improved Warrior 2011-12, First team MVP 2012-13


Best korfball memory –

Most goals in a match – 4

Preferred shot – Runner

Referee – Theory

Coach – Level 1


Laura Bonney


Shirt number – 22


Started playing korfball – October 2012

What got you into korfball – I’d always been a keen netball player and wanted a new sport to try at university. I spotted korfball at freshers fair and it seemed the perfect choice.

Played for – Oxford university korfball team

Joined Warriors – July 2013


Team achievements – Came 7th at university nationals 2013.


Best korfball memory –  Going to cambridge to play in the annual Oxford vs Cambridge university varsity match, by far the most important match of the year for the uni team!

Most goals in a match – 4

Preferred shot – Drop shot

Referee – Yes


Liberty Gaunt


Shirt number – 28


Started playing korfball – Late August 2012

What got you into korfball – A friend suggested I try it out.

Played for – Only Warriors

Joined Warriors – September 2012


Team achievements – Sometimes we won a match, sometimes I actually score goals. I don’t tend to achieve accolades, more like personal accomplishments.

Personal achievements – Please see above. I’m fairly sure I scored the only goal in our short match at training on Tuesday.


Best korfball memory – One match last year I was playing really well and our team manager told me he loved me.

Most goals in a match – 1? 2?

Preferred shot – Drop-off

Significant Other – Maybe I’m happy being single, did you think of that? If one has a significant other, one has to share. It is a personal choice of mine not to share.


Lucy Shattock


Shirt number – 15


Started playing korfball – About a year and half ago

What got you into korfball – Sounded like a lot of fun and a good next step from basketball…and a strong social commitment 😉

Played for – Once a warrior, always a warrior

Joined Warriors – 1 1/2 years ago


Team achievements – Enjoyed the progress we made with a team that have never played (korfball/together).


Best korfball memory – Edinburgh tournament

Most goals in a match – 2 or 3

Preferred shot – Runners!


Miki Blood


Shirt number – 8


Started playing korfball – 2005

What got you into korfball – My housemate who wanted to check out korfball cos the posters said ‘score on and off the court’ but he didn’t want to go on his own

Played for – Leeds uni, Leeds city, warriors

Joined Warriors – 2010


Team achievements – Whilst at uni the highest position achieved at BUSA Nationals was 7th (Leeds were far more famous or their social side!).  The best tournament win I was involved in was winning the Edinburgh tournament with warriors.

Personal achievements – I’ve represented Yorkshire at county level. In my first season of Korf I was third top scorer in the Yorkshire league.


Best korfball memory – Meeting my other half!

Most goals in a match – 6

Preferred shot – Long shot!!!!

Referee – I am practically qualified but I keep it on the low

Significant Other – I’ve married the significant other who has been involved in Korf far longer than me. The reason I came to join warriors was all for him (awwwwwww). We met at Nottingham beginners tournament and ‘pulled’ on the social. Next thing I knew… He was taking me out for dinner in Leeds. That was almost 7 years ago!!!!


Sarah Halstead

Shirt number – 4


Started playing korfball – Sept 2009

What got you into korfball – Flatmate at Uni

Played for – Bristol Uni and Warriors

Joined Warriors – Sept 2012


Team achievements –

Personal achievements – MVP Northwest


Best korfball memory – Impossible to pick just one!

Most goals in a match – No idea

Preferred shot – One that goes in


Sophie Laurenson


Shirt number – 3


Started playing korfball – 2007

What got you into korfball – A mass email from Club Sandwich to all of the 60 industrial placement students at Pfizer – a few of us tried it but I was the only one that stuck it out!

Played for – Club Sandwich (Kent), Bristol City, Manchester Warriors

Joined Warriors – September 2010


Team achievements – Winning SWKA 1 2010, winning EKIT 2011 (my first ever Edinburgh tournie!), qualifying for Champs Trophy in 2011 and 2012, winning NW cup 2012

Personal achievements – Winning most improved player 2010 at Bristol, best newcomer (joint with Chris!) at Warriors 2010, represented the North West in 2013. Let’s not forget the silly awards – Golden Apple Award at Warriors, and most conspicuous kiss award at Bristol – commemorating the night Chris and I got together (my first social at Bristol!)


Best korfball memory – Every single social! And not letting a few torn ligaments get in the way at Bristol Summer Tournie – got up and danced to Mmbop on my crutches!

Most goals in a match – 4

Preferred shot – Long shot

Referee –

Coach – Level 1

Significant Other – Yes (see above). Chris played it cool and didn’t speak to me for the first few weeks though! And then abused his role as social secretary on the first night out!

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