Handy guide to playing

Thanks to our friends at Sheffield Snakebite Korfball, here is a handy guide to playing korfball!


Season in full swing!

The season for all three Warriors teams is officially in full swing, with all teams notching up some wins.

In the North West Korfball League (NWKL) both Warriors 2 and Warriors 3 have made a great start with Warriors 2 currently holding top place on the ladder and both teams are currently unbeaten (however are facing a stand off with each other in 1 week’s time!).

Over in the Central England league, Warriors 1 have had a rockier start to the season with a devastating loss in the opener to Nottingham but have since come back with a convincing win against Manchester City 2.

Some great performances so far, and many more to come!

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If you want to be part of the action, why not come and give Warriors Korf a try! We train every Tuesday evening at Barlow RC High in Didsbury and always welcome new players with any level of experience.



Who are we?

Manchester Warriors Korfball Club was established in 2006.  All of our teams compete throughout the year in local and regional league matches and at national indoor and outdoor tournaments (during the winter and summer seasons respectively).
Our first team currently competes in the CEKL Division 1 and our second and third teams in the North West Korfball League.
We do not prescribe to a “one size fits all” approach and our squad includes players of all standards, shapes and sizes.
As a club, we pride ourselves on catering for all types of players and we have ex-international players playing alongside people who have never played team sports before, as well as with basketball and netball players who fancied a change and have never looked back.
Whether you are a sports enthusiast looking for a new challenge or someone that simply wants to meet new people and enjoy our regular socials, you are more than welcome to join us.  We do not expect you to know anything whatsoever about korfball, so there is no need to be shy.
Come along to a training session and have a go!

You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook!

September has arrived…let the pre-season training begin!

After a fun break over the summer, including wins at both the Castle and Preston Tournaments and coming second place at Korfstock, it is time to look ahead to the fast approaching new season of Warriors Korf Action!

We return to our regular training with an extra hour added to get ourselves whipped into shape. As of the 9th September 2014 we will commence training at 7pm all the way through until 10pm. If you can’t make it for 7, head on over for the regular start time of 8pm. Training is at the usual venue: Barlow RC High School in the Gym.

If you are new to korf, or hoping to join us from elsewhere please feel free to come along. All experience and ability welcome.

Hope to see you soon!

Summer training is here!

Have you been missing your Tuesday Warriors fill?
Have you never played korfball but have always been interested and want to find out what this korfball thing is all about?

Well then, after a slightly longer than planned break, we are back with summer training action starting tomorrow evening (8th July) from 8pm – 9:30pm.

Hope to see you there! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Find out who scored 100 goals this season at the Warriors awards night 2014

On Friday 16th May the Warriors rounded off a highly successful season with the annual End of Season Awards Night.

This year it was Dimitri’s that were the lucky hosts of a festive bunch of Warriors. A great night was had by all and everyone who attended were full of tasty Tapas followed by the debut of the Warriors Deck of Cards and dancing the night away at Venue.

Unfortunately there were only a limited number of awards that could be given out, but ALL Warriors have put in amazing efforts this season and everyone’s contributions to the club are always greatly appreciated.

Congratulations to the 2013/14 Award Winners (listed below)!


The Winners….

‘BRING IT ON’ AWARD (For Excellence in Cheerleading)

Chris Cooper

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE AWARD (For Positive, Sunny Attitude in ALL Situations)

Emma Higton


Jake Tiddy

WARRIORS MUMMY & DADDY AWARD (For making sure everyone made it home safely from Edinburgh Tournament)

Paul & Miki Blood


Fish Dawson

CENTURION AWARD (Scoring 100 Goals in a Season)

Mike Brayne


Laura Bonney


Lucy Shattock


Elise Cox


Russ Cox


Kev Moss


Mike Brayne


A big thanks goes out to Fuzion Noodle Bar in Fallowfield for sponsoring our 3 MVP Awards with each MVP winner receiving a voucher for their hard work over the season.

Now time for a well earned rest and summer tournament fun-times for this hardworking bunch of Warriors! Can’t wait for the 2014/15 season!

No training in June, resumes in July

Training to be resume on 1st July at the same time and same place (but finishing a little earlier at 9.30pm)

Beautiful day… then we went running. 12 Warriors take on Manchester 10km

On Sunday most people were delighted to wake up to a view of their garden basking in glorious sunshine. Twelve members of Manchester Warriors were not so pleased to see the sun as the realisation hit; they would have to take on the gruelling Bupa Great Manchester run in temperatures of up to 25C.

The Warriors are usually an extremely competitive group but this was not about finishing 1st (we wish) but pushing ourselves to reach our target goal. As we set off in our separate waves all of us had different goals but the same aim, to destroy the 10K before the 10K and heat destroyed us.

As we all met up we discussed the helpful tips provided by previous 10K competitor Jenny and club coach Kevin Moss, both had differing but equally important messages.

Then it was race time as we gathered amongst thousands of other runners. We began out attack on the course in the sheltered streets of Portland Street but the coolness wouldn’t continue as we quickly exited the shadows to face the beating sun.

Old Trafford for most Leeds fans is not a sight we appreciate too much but for this one on Sunday it was extremely welcome as it meant I was nearing the half-way point. The showers at 6KM were an even more welcoming prospect as the run which had started as a mental battle was becoming very much a physical battle. The heat and exhaustion was taking its toll but there was no stopping the Warriors; well apart from the odd toilet break for those who didn’t adhere to Jenny’s pre-run advice.

A couple of jelly babies at 9KM were an added sugar rush for the final KM. As the crowd swelled it was clear we were nearing the end and then there it was the finish line… we beat the 10K and it didn’t beat us.

Times were compared and there was delight as everyone achieved their pre-race goal (well almost).


Warriors 2013 review

For those of you who missed this as part of our advent calendar, or just want to see it again, here is the Warriors 2013 review!


To work off all those mince pies and Christmas pud, we will be doing a fitness session 7-8pm on Tuesday 7th January, with training as normal from 8-10pm.