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This is korfball! (promo video)

Click on the video below for a showcase of this fast paced and dynamic mixed sex sport!

This is Korfball – Warriors Korfball Club from Manchester Warriors on Vimeo.

This is Manchester Warriors Korfball Club! (promo video)

Click on the video below for a quick insight into our friendly and successful club!

Manchester Warriors Korfball Club from Manchester Warriors on Vimeo.


Handy guide to playing

Thanks to our friends at Sheffield Snakebite Korfball, here is a handy guide to playing korfball!


New recruits needed!

We are ALWAYS looking for new recruits so please check out our training details and pop along to a Tuesday  training session – no experience necessary! Email info@manchesterwarriors.co.uk with any questions!

Warriors Committee 2014/15

Chairperson: Richard Dawson
Treasurer: Kevin Moss
Secretary: Chelle Barker
Recruitment and Publicity: Sophie Laurenson
Coaching Coordinator: Kevin Moss
1st Team Manager & Fixtures: Emma Higton
2nd & 3rd Team Managers: Chris Cooper and Laura Bonney
Social Secretaries: Nikki Richardson and Elise Cox
Equipment Manager: Kevin Jones
Social Media & Web: Elise Cox

A big welcome to Laura & Nikki who will be making their committee debuts this year.

Upcoming Social Dates for your diary!

Dates for your calendar…

  • 20 December 2014 – Warriors Korfmas fun! (details: HERE)
  • 24 December 2014 – Christmas Eve board games, food and festive funtimes!
  • 09 January 2015 – Sophie’s birthday bash
  • 24 and 25 January 2015 – Edinburgh International Tournament and party weekend
  • 09 May 2015 – Zombie Chase Game (website: HERE)

Keep checking back for updates and further socials!


Meet the Girls…

Alex Smith


Shirt number – 24


Started playing korfball – January 2013

What got you into korfball – The mystery and intrigue

Played for – Only Warriors


Team achievements – None yet!

Personal achievements – Surviving fitness training


Best korfball memory – Outdoor training in beeautiful weather

Most goals in a match – 0 (I haven’t played any matches yet)

Preferred shot – Eyes closed, open mind.


Amy Dickens


Shirt number – 20


Started playing korfball – I started playing korfball in 2000…..

What got you into korfball – Started at Uni after a girl I lived with at Uni asked me to go along.

Played for – I was part of Sheffield Hallams first club for a while. Ive played for Hallam, Snakebite, Warriors and had a brief stint with the Leicester Tornadoes when I lived in Leicester for 6 months.

Joined Warriors – I joined warriors when it first started. I was part of the founding members.


Achievements – I genuinely can’t remember all my achievements but Ive won the leagues etc and I was part of the North West Team/Greater Manchester? at Counties? We won the best of the bottom half ….so we came 8th out of about 16 teams…it was a big deal! Ive played in Hungary, Belgium and Holland with Snakebite, and the North West Squad…


Best korfball memory – I have too many good memories to pick a best one really….. sorry!


Chelle Barker


Shirt number – 23


Started playing korfball – January 2012

What got you into korfball – We had lived in Manchester about eight months and wanted to find something fun that we could do together. Andy didn’t fancy swing dancing so we found Korfball instead!

Played for – Only the best one!

Joined Warriors – January 2012


Team achievements – A member of Warriors 2 when we won NWKL 2, I also played in the final of the Shield in 2012, which we won.

Personal achievements – Becoming the Warriors Secretary and scoring on Andy during training!


Best korfball memory – Playing in the final of the NW Shield in 2012. Having only played for 5 months and then playing in a division with three first teamers, Mike, Mel and Mossy, it was definitely an experience!

Most goals in a match – One at the most and none in NW matches…

Preferred shot – One that goes anywhere near the korf

Referee – Yes, second best in the North West

Coach – Level One

Significant Other – No significant other, just a big ginger bear that follows me around and gets me to organise his life for him : )


Elise Cox


Shirt number – 18


Started playing korfball – I started playing in the summer of 2012. There were lots of midges, and more pub than korf due to the rain!

What got you into korfball – Sophie Laurenson’s amazing advertising skills combined with having only just moved to the UK from Australia and desperately needing to meet people so I wasn’t bored or homesick.

Played for – Just the Warriors…it was love at first sight :)

Joined Warriors – Summer 2012


Team achievements – Being part of a team of pretty much newbies. We started the season a bit shaky but persisted and managed to completely turn things around and ended up being winners (of NWKL 2).

Personal achievements – Winning an award at Warriors Award Night! (It may have been for being a serial Facebook post liker, but it was an award nonetheless!).


Best korfball memory – Nottingham summer tournament 2012: It was the first time I had ever played an actual game of Korfball, I had no idea why people were yelling out what seemed to be random words (e.g. PARTY, GIRL, BOY, TIGHT) and the night ended on a high with a bunch of us finding a random house in Nottingham to order Dominos to!

Most goals in a match – Most goals in a match…1…in my first ever game. It has yet to be repeated. Look out 2013/14 season!

Preferred shot – One that goes in.

Significant Other – He got dragged along by me to my first training session…AND he is way better at Korfball than me which is annoying :p


Emma Higton


Shirt number – 1


Started playing korfball – At Uni in second year, took me a while to get into it, was about Jan 2010

What got you into korfball – I’d played basketball from a young age and then netball as a teenager so it seemed a perfect combination of the two!

Played for – University of Birmingham, Manchester Warriors

Joined Warriors – Jan 2012


Team achievements – Champs trophy in 2012, second in CEKL for two seasons running. Third at BUCS nationals in 2011

Personal achievements – Second top female scorer in CEKL 2012-13. Represented NW at Inter areas. Most improved Warrior 2011-12, First team MVP 2012-13


Best korfball memory –

Most goals in a match – 4

Preferred shot – Runner

Referee – Theory

Coach – Level 1


Laura Bonney


Shirt number – 22


Started playing korfball – October 2012

What got you into korfball – I’d always been a keen netball player and wanted a new sport to try at university. I spotted korfball at freshers fair and it seemed the perfect choice.

Played for – Oxford university korfball team

Joined Warriors – July 2013


Team achievements – Came 7th at university nationals 2013.


Best korfball memory –  Going to cambridge to play in the annual Oxford vs Cambridge university varsity match, by far the most important match of the year for the uni team!

Most goals in a match – 4

Preferred shot – Drop shot

Referee – Yes


Liberty Gaunt


Shirt number – 28


Started playing korfball – Late August 2012

What got you into korfball – A friend suggested I try it out.

Played for – Only Warriors

Joined Warriors – September 2012


Team achievements – Sometimes we won a match, sometimes I actually score goals. I don’t tend to achieve accolades, more like personal accomplishments.

Personal achievements – Please see above. I’m fairly sure I scored the only goal in our short match at training on Tuesday.


Best korfball memory – One match last year I was playing really well and our team manager told me he loved me.

Most goals in a match – 1? 2?

Preferred shot – Drop-off

Significant Other – Maybe I’m happy being single, did you think of that? If one has a significant other, one has to share. It is a personal choice of mine not to share.


Lucy Shattock


Shirt number – 15


Started playing korfball – About a year and half ago

What got you into korfball – Sounded like a lot of fun and a good next step from basketball…and a strong social commitment ;)

Played for – Once a warrior, always a warrior

Joined Warriors – 1 1/2 years ago


Team achievements – Enjoyed the progress we made with a team that have never played (korfball/together).


Best korfball memory – Edinburgh tournament

Most goals in a match – 2 or 3

Preferred shot – Runners!


Miki Blood


Shirt number – 8


Started playing korfball – 2005

What got you into korfball – My housemate who wanted to check out korfball cos the posters said ‘score on and off the court’ but he didn’t want to go on his own

Played for – Leeds uni, Leeds city, warriors

Joined Warriors – 2010


Team achievements – Whilst at uni the highest position achieved at BUSA Nationals was 7th (Leeds were far more famous or their social side!).  The best tournament win I was involved in was winning the Edinburgh tournament with warriors.

Personal achievements – I’ve represented Yorkshire at county level. In my first season of Korf I was third top scorer in the Yorkshire league.


Best korfball memory – Meeting my other half!

Most goals in a match – 6

Preferred shot – Long shot!!!!

Referee – I am practically qualified but I keep it on the low

Significant Other – I’ve married the significant other who has been involved in Korf far longer than me. The reason I came to join warriors was all for him (awwwwwww). We met at Nottingham beginners tournament and ‘pulled’ on the social. Next thing I knew… He was taking me out for dinner in Leeds. That was almost 7 years ago!!!!


Sarah Halstead

Shirt number – 4


Started playing korfball – Sept 2009

What got you into korfball – Flatmate at Uni

Played for – Bristol Uni and Warriors

Joined Warriors – Sept 2012


Team achievements –

Personal achievements – MVP Northwest


Best korfball memory – Impossible to pick just one!

Most goals in a match – No idea

Preferred shot – One that goes in


Sophie Laurenson


Shirt number – 3


Started playing korfball – 2007

What got you into korfball – A mass email from Club Sandwich to all of the 60 industrial placement students at Pfizer – a few of us tried it but I was the only one that stuck it out!

Played for – Club Sandwich (Kent), Bristol City, Manchester Warriors

Joined Warriors – September 2010


Team achievements – Winning SWKA 1 2010, winning EKIT 2011 (my first ever Edinburgh tournie!), qualifying for Champs Trophy in 2011 and 2012, winning NW cup 2012

Personal achievements – Winning most improved player 2010 at Bristol, best newcomer (joint with Chris!) at Warriors 2010, represented the North West in 2013. Let’s not forget the silly awards – Golden Apple Award at Warriors, and most conspicuous kiss award at Bristol – commemorating the night Chris and I got together (my first social at Bristol!)


Best korfball memory – Every single social! And not letting a few torn ligaments get in the way at Bristol Summer Tournie – got up and danced to Mmbop on my crutches!

Most goals in a match – 4

Preferred shot – Long shot

Referee –

Coach – Level 1

Significant Other – Yes (see above). Chris played it cool and didn’t speak to me for the first few weeks though! And then abused his role as social secretary on the first night out!

Meet the Boys…

Andrew Packwood


Shirt number – 29


Started playing korfball – About 1 year ago

What got you into korfball – My mate Dan said it was a laugh

Played for – None yet

Joined Warriors – About 1 year ago


Personal achievements – I got a korfball in once… I think


Best korfball memory – All my memories involve getting lost on a court and running in circles

Preferred shot – One from really far away


Andy Clements

Shirt number – 6


Started playing korfball – January 2012

What got you into korfball – To meet people in Manchester

Played for – Warriors

Joined Warriors – January 2012


Team achievements – Member of the team that won NWKL 2 in 2013

Personal achievements – Goal from the half way line taken with no collect!


Best korfball memory – Dressing up as a tiger for Jen’s Birthday

Most goals in a match – Three??

Preferred shot – Long shots with no collect…

Referee – Yes

Significant Other – Yes, she is wonderful and I couldn’t live without her. She plays korfball amazingly well! (Poetic licence from Chelle to write this)


Chris Cooper


Shirt number – 13


Started playing korfball – 2007

What got you into korfball – Played mixed netball but there wasn’t a league at that point in Bristol so someone suggested I try Korfball.  Broke my finger in first training session but still never looked back.

Played for – Bristol City and Warriors plus a couple of tournament cameos.

Joined Warriors – Start of 2010/11 season


Team achievements – Gold SWKL2 2010, Top of NWKL 2 2013, played at champs trophy 2012, Playing CERL 1 for a full season with Warriors 2 (we got spanked!)

Personal achievements – Represented Avon county 2008, Joint best newcomer at Warriors 2011, Joint top scorer Warriors 2 2013


Best korfball memory – Lots… Inventing tequila with sambuca chasers with Sophie on our first korf night out together, the blackout in Bristol 18/10/2008, generally bullying people to drink or move on at socials, playing korf as a bounce brother with Nick Wilkinson in Bristol, watching the development of players around me.

Most goals in a match – 3 or 4

Preferred shot – Drop off… The source of all bar 4 of my goals in 12/13

Coach – Level 1

Significant Other – She gave me food at a social, I encouraged her to drink more and miss her train, there was a fan and a city wide blackout…. The rest is history… I like to think I had a hand in keeping her in korfball!


Jake Tiddy


Shirt number – 30


Started playing korfball – I started playing at the age of 11, so for 8 years I’ve played

What got you into korfball – I got into korfball because when I was round a friends house I had the option of going home or going to korfball with him. I was also interested because my brother played for the school team.

Played for – I have played for two teams before joining Manchester Warriors, i originally played for Norwich City Korfball Club before moving to Norwich Knights.

Joined Warriors – I joined the Warriors last season and am always very excited to play


Team achievements – I have been part of teams that have won local leagues as well as staying in the national league through the champions trophy. Won Central England Regional league with Warriors. But my favorite honor was being part of the team that won the EKA cup.

Personal achievements – The highest level that I have played would be for my county.


Most goals in a match – The most goals I have ever scored in a match is 7

Coach – Level 1


Kevin Moss


Shirt number – 7


Started playing korfball – September 2003

What got you into korfball – House mate came back from Uni Sports Fair and said, “I’ve signed you up to this crazy sport” I owe that person everything…..or a bunch! haha.

Played for – Warriors & Leeds City officially.

Joined Warriors – Founded them in 2006


Team achievements – Without sounding arrogant… whatever Warriors achievements we have!

Personal achievements – Represented NW Team on several occasions. MVP at Edinburgh Comp ;)


Best korfball memory – I think it might be the ones I dont remember that are the best!

Most goals in a match – 5

Preferred shot – The pass

Referee – Yes

Coach – Club Coach


Kevin Jones


Shirt number – 10


Started playing korfball – When i was 17, so in 2000/01 i think

What got you into korfball – First club i played for trained at my secondary school

Played for – Bec, Manchester (very briefly, before warriors was set up!) Bristol uni (coach and league games), Warriors, also British/English student team and Welsh National team

Joined Warriors – I think in 2007


Team achievements – Too many to remember and list, been part of various league and tournament winning teams mostly for Warriors

Personal achievements – A few top scorer titles in CEKL for Warriors, Appearences for North West in interarea, British/English students in University World cups, Represented Wales in Eurobowl, European Championships and World Championships.


Best korfball memory – Would have to be being at the World Championships in China, especially the first game vs the host nation straight after the opening ceremony, don’t think i’ll be a part of an atmosphere like that again! Amazing experience!

Most goals in a match – 9 (so close to double figures)

Preferred shot – Would have to be the drop-off or penalty

Referee – Yes


Mike Brayne


Shirt number – 12


Started playing korfball – hmm, good question. My memory doesn’t go back that far but I think 1997ish

What got you into korfball – Beer, money and loose women (sorry Mel)

Played for – Sheffield Steelers, Nottingham KC, Bec and of course Warriors

Joined Warriors – Founding member


Team achievements – Won CEKL several times, CEKL cup, NWKL cup, Old first division of national league, Counties and many tournaments over the years including Hungarian and Edinburgh international tournaments

Personal achievements – One of top scorers at every club ive been at and in CEKL. Scotland captain, GBU23 squad, London, Yorkshire and North west squads over the years


Best korfball memory – Leading Scotland out to a full bagpipe band against Belgium at the Euro’s and scoring 3 in the game against one of the best players in the world  – Bart Cleyman

Most goals in a match – 12

Preferred shot – Any that go in these days

Referee – Yep

Coach – Not officially but have coached NWKL squad, Suernova KC, Warriors and BSKS Development Squad

Significant Other – Have been going out with for over 10 years, ex Warriors/Bec goal scoring superstar and scourge of the opposition -  Mel Meshkat. We met while we were both playing in Sheffield.


Paul Blood


Shirt number – 2


Started playing korfball – At University in 1998

What got you into korfball – I split up with my girlfriend at the time and my housemate suggested it would be a good way to meet other girls

Played for – University of Nottingham, British Students, Nottingham City, Nottingham Magic and Warriors

Joined Warriors – Sept 2007


Team achievements – 2 x BUSA Gold, 1 x BUSA Silver, 1 x BUSA Bronze (as Coach), CEKL Division 1 Champions (about 3-4 times), CEKL Cup (Twice I think), 2 x NW Cup

Personal achievements – Played for GB Students, Played Premier League Korfball (and found it very hard)


Best korfball memory – BUSA Golds and the subsequent AU Balls

Most goals in a match – 9

Preferred shot – Drop-off Shot

Referee – Yes, fully Qualified

Coach – Yes, Level 2

Significant Other – Met playing korfball, and I married her!


Pete McGuckian


Shirt number – 27


Started playing korfball – 2010, I think

What got you into korfball – Jen – Sister

Played for – Manchester Warriors

Joined Warriors – When I started playing


Team achievements –

Personal achievements – Think I was top scorer the year before last?


Best korfball memory –

Most goals in a match – No idea

Preferred shot – Long

Coach – Level 1, I think


Richard Dawson


Shirt number – 11


Started playing korfball – 2005 I think

What got you into korfball – Alice Fairhall spent 6 months telling me I had to play and eventually dragged me to play Notts Uni having never played or trained (my coaching was stand near the post, jump and catch the ball).

Played for – Snakebite and Warriors.

Joined Warriors – 2008.


Team achievements – Yorkshire league winners 2007 with Snakebite, North West League winners 2008/09 with Warriors 2, Central England league 2 winners 2009/10 with Warriors 2, Edinburgh tournament winner 2011(?) North West Shield Winner 2011/12 + 2012/13

Personal achievements – 2nd team MVP 2009/10, Yorkshire county representative, North West representative


Best korfball memory – Mike cheating versus the dutchies at Edinburgh, scoring a winning goal versus a dutch team after 3 months of playing, any Nottingham tournament social!

Most goals in a match – I would like to say 4 but think its 3.

Preferred shot – The one that goes in

Referee – Yes

Coach – Level one

Describe yourself as a korfball player – Argumentative old man usually found loitering at the post watching Mike score goals.


Russel Cox


Shirt number – 5


Started playing korfball – June 2012

What got you into korfball – Elise dragged me along… all downhill from there

Played for – Just Warriors :)


Team achievements – The 2nds turning around from a slow start last season and winning NW League 2

Personal achievements – Nothing too exciting to list here yet… Best newcomer 2012, won a few games of Killer and beating Mike at double or nothing :)


Best korfball memory – Socials and tournaments :D Edinburgh, Holland, Nottingham, Camping, Drinking, Warriors

Most goals in a match – I think I scored 2 in one match

Preferred shot – Runners in training, medium distance for games (especially if someone reminds me to shoot)

Significant Other – We did not meet playing but she does play now!


Tom Giddings


Shirt number – 25


Started playing korfball – 2010

What got you into korfball – Pete talking about it

Played for – Warriors only


Team achievements – Im not actually that sure what we have achieved – part of the team which came top of NWKA2 2013

Personal achievements – Most improved 2013


Best korfball memory – I haven’t got any memory

Most goals in a match – 4

Preferred shot – ‘special’ runner

Coach – Level 1

Manchester Warriors Club History

2006-07 – In the beginning…

In the summer of 2006 a group of korfers started something new and set up their own club..  The club was set up by Founding members Andrew Barkwith, Mike Brayne, Mel Meshkat, Amy Dickens, Vicky Tunbridge, Chris “pillowpants” Sidebottom, Kevin Moss and Martin Quinn with help from Jess Rowden & Anne-Aline De Caestecker (Man Uni) in being the extra girls.

The club enjoyed success from the start with Warriors 1 coming 1st in the NWKL with an undefeated first season.  Warriors were the first local league club to ever to reach the second round of the British Korfball Association Cup, though sadly we were defeated by the reigning Premiership Champions, Mitcham KC.  Warriors attended many tournaments in their first year including Edinburgh International Tournament, Norfolk, Nottingham, Birmingham and Leeds.  The club also went to the Korfball famous Attila showing the international entrants how to play and party Warriors style!

Some of the players were also ever present on the Student Korfball Team ensuring “Manchester Warriors” was publicised and marketed well to attract Graduates… Or it could have been to cling onto their youth.

Roll of Honour

Warriors MVP – Mel Meshkat



Warriors also featured in an article on bbc news Manchester, click the link to find out more…



On court

Warriors took our beginners to Lancaster’s Freshers Tournament and won, held our 1st Christmas Tournament which was a massive success and made the trip to the Edinburgh International Tournament.

Warriors 1 came 1st in CEKL.

Off court

Warriors expanded fast with Gav and Eleanor Legg, Kevin Jones, Pete Quinn, Ryan Keaney, Richard Dawson, Laura Blazey and Sam Barkwith.  The team also recruited newbies Kim “Embra” Tirrell, Sam Scullion, Meg Turner, Howard Ainsworth, Les Ainsworth and Fiona Stinson.

Roll of Honour

Warriors MVP – Mel Meshkat




On court

Warriors 1 came 2nd in CEKL1 followed by 3rd place in National League Champions Trophy pool B.

Warriors 2 were 1st in NWKL in their first season leading to immediate promotion to CEKL2.

Off court

Recruitment facilitated the creation of a second team for Warriors.  The season saw the arrival of Clemence Hindley from Horfield, Micki Barker from Leeds, as well as new to korfball Si Stubbs and Jenny McGuckian.

Roll of Honour

Warriors 1st Team MVP – Mel Meshkat

2nd Team MVP – Kev Moss



On court

Warriors 1 came 1st in CEKL1 with Kevin Jones and Mike Brayne picking up a one two in the league top scorers.  This was followed up with 5th place at the National League Champions Trophy

Warriors 2 continued their strong run coming 1st in CERL2 for their second successive promotion.

Warriors 3 also achieved 3rd in NWKL1.

Off court

Further recruitment saw the arrival of Pete McGuckian, Tom Giddings, Laura Smith and Dave Dean allowing Warriors to grow to 3 teams for the first time.

Roll of Honour

Warriors 1st Team MVP – Mike Brayne

2nd Team MVP – Richard Dawson



On court

Warriors 1 had a solid season coming 3rd in CEKL1 followed by 4th at the National League Champions Trophy.

Warriors 2 on the other hand faced a tough season with a new look team following the summer departures, coming 6th in CEKL1.

Warriors 3 came 3rd in NWKL1

The club also took time out mid-season to attend the Edinburgh Korfball International Tournament.  Our tournament form continued to be excellent, fantastic wins at the Edinburgh International Tournament and the Manchester City Summer Tournament (hosted by our local rivals…), among others.  Warriors also returned to Eindhoven in April 2012 (after a four year break) to take part in the famous Attila tournament in Holland.

A few members of the club were even called up for international duty. Kev Jones represented Wales in China (of all places) during the 2011 World Korfball Championships and Mike Brayne represented Scotland during the course of the year.

Off court

Whilst losing a number of senior players from the squad recruitment saw the arrival of Chris Cooper & Sophie Laurenson from Bristol City, Pipp Saul-Harrah from Manchester University as well as new to korfball Katie O’Neill.

Where’s Wally, Silver fancy dress, Scottish dancing in Edinburgh, shot fines from bowling, cocktail shaking (read drinking) and donning tuxedos for the Korf-ball were a few highlights of the season.

Roll of Honour

Warriors 1st Team MVP – Mike Brayne

2nd Team MVP – Kev Moss

3rd Team MVP – Howard Ainsworth

Most Improved Player – Jen McGuckian

Best Newcomers – Chris Cooper & Sophie Laurenson

Lifetime Achievement award – Vinny Garvey

Best couple – Kev Jones and Richard Fish Dawson


On court

Warriors 1 were winners of the first ever NW Cup.  They also came 2nd in CEKL1 with Mike Brayne league top scorer which led to coming 5th in the National League Champions Trophy.

Warriors 2 came 4th in the NWKL1 despite having to field teams of 7 for a number of matches.  Pete McGuckian made a name for himself getting league Male MVP and also making the NW team of year.

Once again the trip was made to Edinburgh, some mixed play on court led to full effort off court at the social!  13th out of 24 international teams, we were able to take solice that Los Luchadores, the eventual victors of the weekend, included a number of current (Mike and Mel) and past (Fro and Marv) Warriors.  ¡Warriors para la victoria!

Off court

Despite losing a large number of players before the season and having to drop the third team, a successful January recruitment drive helped Warriors acquire Andy Clements, Chelle Barker and Lucy Shattock, plus a new signing of Emma Higton from Birmingham University.  The reduction to two teams allowed for some of our up-and-coming players to get an opportunity to challenge some of the (ageing) first team players for places, as well as get valuable experience playing against some very good players in the CEKL.

Warriors showed their community spirit completing a recruitment drive through Didsbury (Didsbury Dozen pub crawl) and getting involved in the Wythenshawe Games, a legacy of London 2012, a festival of sport with free trials of korfball for kids.

Over summer the club ran a raffle to raise funds for the club and the hard work paid off.  A brave few Warriors set off in the pouring rain over the border to Snowdon, with freezing nights and little sleep they conquered the climb.  At Nottingham Warriors fancy dress ruled again; Gold & Bronze for our GB Rowers and Boris “Fish” Johnson.

Roll of Honour

Warriors 1st Team MVP – Mike Brayne

2nd Team MVP – Pete McGuckian

Unbreakable award – Mel Meshkat

International Man of Mystery – Si Stubbs

Best Newcomer – Lucy Shattock

Most Improved – Emma Higton

Ultimate Warrior – Jen McGuckian

Golden Apple (teacher’s pet) Award – Sophie Laurenson

Ultimate Chair – Kev Moss

Grumpy Old Man – Tom Giddings

Parents of the year – Mr & Mrs Ainsworth



On court

Warriors 1 maintained their NWShield for the second year with Kev Jones the competitions top scorer.  This was matched with 2nd in CEKL1 only just missing out on Champions Trophy falling 14-13 to Birmingham City on the final day of the season, Kevin Jones taking top scorer in the league too.

Warriors 2 had a season of rebuilding with lots of players not having played together before and a good run in saw them top of NWKL2 with Sarah Halstead picking up Female MVP for the NWKL.

Warriors hadn’t seen enough court time and organised their own mini league competing with Crewe & Nantwich, Castle and Manchester City.  Warriors Dragons team came out on top over the 4 week schedule.

Warriors made it to the final of the Lancaster beginner’s tournament missing a penalty in the last shot of the game to steal the match, a great start to the season.  Summer saw Warriors attend Manchester, Bristol, Milton Keynes “korfstock” and Nottingham tournaments with a variety of success on the field but the real success coming in the socials!

Off court

Another successful pre-season recruitment drive saw the arrival of Russel Cox, Elise Cox, Matt Bell, Chris Britton and Liberty Gaunt with new signings of Sarah Halstead from Bristol University and Miriam Wilson from Edinburgh City and the return of Micki Barker from Leeds.

Warriors played a part in the Wythenshawe Games 2013 with more korfball demonstrations and free taster sessions for kids.

Off court the club roared in animal fancy dress, partied in Christmas jumpers and dressed to impress.  Summer saw the Korfball wedding of the year, Mr & Mrs Blood; who needs a bouquet…. Miki threw a korfball!

Roll of Honour

Warriors 1st Team MVP – Emma Higton (First time a non-founding member)

2nd Team MVP – Sarah Halstead

Ultimate Warrior – Chris Britton

Most Improved – Tom Giddings

Revovling Door – Kev Jones

Brick Wall Defender – Mike Brayne

International Man of Mystery – Pete McGuckian

Si Stubbs award for being incapable of playing due to alcohol – Matt Bell

Elise Cox likes your facebook post – Elise Cox

Best Social Sec – Jen McGuckian

Corporate giant – Kev Moss

Best Newcomer – Russ Cox


On court

The new season, 3 teams again and time for Warriors to Roar!!!

Warriors 1 stepped up a level in the league in a season which went right to the wire against Nottingham Korfball club, with 26 points a piece and the same goal difference the league was decided on Goals for with Warriors 1 taking the title.  Mike Brayne top scored with a massive 92 league goals and over 100 goals in the season.  North West Sheild saw Warriors 1 take the title for the third year in a row.  The season ended with a 3rd place finish in the end of season Champions Trophy.

Warriors 2 put up a strong challenge for the North West title scoring 150 goals but ended up second placed in their North West League 1 campaign.

Warriors 3 back in action had a great return season finishing top of North West League 2 after the league split.

The club also took part in a mini league post season because we just can’t get enough, another trip to our favourite Edinburgh International Tournament, a win at Castle Korfball tournament and trips to Bristol, Preston and Milton Keynes.

Off court

New signings of Jo Nash from Cardiff Raptors, Laura Bonney from Oxford University, Jake Tiddy from Norwich Nights, Dani Malerba from Bristol City and Ali Jung from T.C.N.H. in Amsterdam strengthened the squad plus summer new to korfball recruits of Alex Smith, Jordan Roberts, Andrew Packwood, Dan Jackson and Pekka Lehtikangas.  The club introduced an extra hour of training to focus on fitness and shooting skills and targeted junior sessions for the first time with the support of Sportivate.

Warriors went back to support Wythenshawe games and for fun 12 Warriors took on the Manchester 10k, we also developed a new love for playing rounders and pub golf and Warriors playing cards are our drinking games of choice.

Roll of Honour

Warriors 1st Team MVP – Mike Brayne

2nd Team MVP – Kevin Moss

3rd Team MVP – Russ Cox

Ultimate Warrior – Elise Cox

Most Improved/ Little Miss Star – Lucy Shattock

Best Newbie – Laura Bonney

#Awesome Chair – Richard Dawson

‘Centurian’ Award – Mike Brayne

Best on Court Performance – Jake Tiddy

‘Mummy & Daddy’ – Miki & Paul Blood

Little Miss Sunshine – Emma Higton

‘Bring it On’ – Chris Cooper



The best is yet to come! 3 teams, 2 league, 1 shield… game on!

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Upcoming Social – Warriors Christmas Party 2014!

Merry Korfmas!

Save the date in your diary – 20/12/2014

-Pre Dinner Ice Skating
-Food at Lucha Libre
-Partying all night long

What more could you possibly want?!!

christmas party

Most recent social – Pub Golf 28/11/14

The last club social was a Warriors favourite – November fun with Pub Golf

A night of Pub Golf round Didsbury Village for 9 holes to celebrate Emma’s birthday then a hardcore few headed to Venue to party some more!

A few photos were taken but most were blurry, something to do with the 9 holes!

 Pub golf

 We do love fancy dress!

Warriors 1 – Central England Regional League 1

Here is how the league stands for Warriors 1.

Central England Korfball League 1 2014/15