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This is korfball! (promo video)

Click on the video below for a showcase of this fast paced and dynamic mixed sex sport!

This is Korfball – Warriors Korfball Club from Manchester Warriors on Vimeo.

This is Manchester Warriors Korfball Club! (promo video)

Click on the video below for a 4 minute insight into our friendly and successful club!

Manchester Warriors Korfball Club from Manchester Warriors on Vimeo.



To work off all those mince pies and Christmas pud, we will be doing a fitness session 7-8pm on Tuesday 7th January, with training as normal from 8-10pm.

We’re having a break for Christmas until 7th Jan!

We’ve now had our last session before Christmas (as usual, with a fun festive feeling!)

xmas korf

Back on Tuesday 7th January 2014!

Double whammy – a summary of two league weekends (and 5 matches!)

Warriors 1 v Manchester City 1 21/11/13
Second home match of the season and a local derby against Manchester City 1. City started strongly and it was goal for goal until 3-3. Then Warriors upped the gear and started to roll. The goals began to drop and City couldn’t keep up with the pace. Half time score of 14-6 and coach Mossy gave the message of more of the same in the second half. Warriors brought the game home safely even with a drop in pressure towards the end, but the result was never in question. Good result for Ali’s last game in a Warriors shirt. 24-13 final score.

Mike (10), Emma (4), Kev J (3), Jake (2), Sophie (2), Ali (1), Fish (1), Jo (1)
Report by Emma

Warriors 1 v Nottingham City 1 21/11/13
Warriors 1 travelled, on a beautiful Saturday winters morning, down to play Nottingham City 1.Nottingham took the lead at the start but it wasn’t long before Warriors equalised. Two quick goals from Mike put Warriors two goals up and we clung to that lead for the majority of the match.Nottingham were rattled…Warriors we’re putting up too much of a fight for their liking. Warriors started the second half as they ended the first with all to play for. A few goals dropped for Nottingham and they were back level. A tense last 10 minutes but Nottingham gained a 2 goal lead. Highlight of the second half was brick wall Mike being toppled by a girl. Final score – 15-13. A well fought match and a tough loss.

Stat of the match – in 4 games Mike has equalled his goal tally for the whole of last season.

Emma (4), Kev J (3), Mike (3), Jake (2), Amy (1)
Report by Emma 

Warriors 2 v Manchester University 3 22/11/13
With two of Coach Mossy’s teams going head to head he chose to remain impartial and enjoyed a break in the lakes instead. Warriors 2 opened the scoring and slowly built to a half time score of 6-0. The team was controlling the game against the much newer to korfball Uni 3.Second half called for more of the same and the team upped their scoring rate. A hold to nil looked on but Uni managed to score 1 past super sub from the previous week – Tom. Final score a dominating 16-1 with both Sarah and Lucy on fire this week.

Lucy (4), Sarah (3+1p), Dani (2+1p), Chris C (2), Pete (2), Chris B (1p)
Report by Chris C

Warriors 3 v Lancaster University 1 01/12/13
Warriors 3 went into the match against Lancaster 1 being the only Warriors team left undefeated so far this season. With that in mind the team went forward to try and do what no other team was able to do this season…take Lancaster 1 down!Lancaster 1 had other ideas though, and scored two quick goals to open the game. The game continued in this fashion, and despite lots of effort all around Warriors 3 could not get the ball to drop. The early morning start got the better of the team and we walked away defeated, 20-8. Lancaster 1 remains the Warriors Bogey team!

Si (3), Pete (1), Russ (1) and guest star Emma (3).
Report by Elise

Warriors 2 v Lancaster University 2 01/12/13
An early start saw Warriors 2 take on Lancaster University 2. Lancaster were definitely up for the game and played well but Warriors controlled the play. 6-0 up at half time was a comfortable position, 3 out of 4 league matches held to nil at the half time point. The second half saw more of the same with Sarah and Chris B top scoring with 4 each. A late call by Chris C saw Lancaster score their first of the match before they converted a second runner. The match however was never in doubt, 14-2 the final score. That’s 30 goals for Warriors 2 and only 3 against in the last 2 matches.

Chris B (4), Sarah (3+1p), Dani (3), Lucy (1), Laura (1), Chris C (1)
Report by Chris C

Some ups and downs over the last two weekends, but some high scoring games, good to see a lot of Warriors goals!

Weekend 5 Summary – NW Shield matches

Warriors 2 v Lancaster University 1 16/11/13
After last week’s defeat in the league to Lancaster 1, Warriors 2 had revenge in mind. A slightly different look line up took to the court including the return of Miriam and Sarah from injury. The team was hopeful of a good result. Lancaster unfortunately took the lead again whilst Warriors struggled to convert their chances. The team went in 6-3 down at half time, still in the match but needing to score some goals.

The second half continued in the same way, it was a battle of long shots from Warriors vs runners from Lancaster. Whilst Dani top scored with 5 the team never really got going.

Some positive periods of attacking play but not enough left Warriors short at the final whistle. 11-7 the final score, Warriors 2 knocked out of the shield.

Dani (5), Chris C (1), Tom (1)

Warriors 1 v Hawks 1 16/11/13
Warriors 1 are the reigning shield champions. After the defeat for Warriors 2, coach Fish sent them out to send the other teams a message. The game started at a blistering pace with 7 of the starting 8 scoring in the first half. The team controlled the match and frustrated Hawks. Strong front defence led to a 14-4 lead at half time.

The team pretty much ignored coach’s half time team talk and took their foot off the gas in the second half. Having done enough in the first half however they cruised home and saved their energy for the top of the table league matches in the coming week. Final score 20-10, bring on the next round!

Mike (4+1p), Jake (4), Sophie (3), Jo(3), Ali (2), Jonesy (1+1p), Emma (1)

Another weekend of two halves. Both these teams are in action this coming week so we’ll be looking for 2s to return to winning ways and 1s to continue their undefeated run!

Reports by Chris C

A weekend of two halves! League weekend #4

Warriors 1 v Birmingham University 1 07/11/13
Warriors 1 first home game of the season was set to be a good one. We knew our opponents would come out fighting and our aim was to dampen their spirits and cut them out. Mike was on it from the off, scoring 2 quick goals and giving us the advantage, it was ours to build on and so we did. Strong defence meant that Uni struggled to find the korf and with plenty of goals at either end Warriors ended the half firmly in the lead.
The second half began much as the first half had finished with Warriors in the driving seat, although it wasn’t our best play and there is much to improve on, Warriors controlled the game from start to end winning 22-7. A good game to get our heads back into competitive matches ready for the challenges in the weeks ahead.

Mike(11), Emma(8), Jonesy(2), Paul (1)
Report by Emma

Warriors 2 v Lancaster University 1 10/11/13
Warriors 2 took on top of the league Lancaster University 1 in a clash of undefeated to date clubs. Lancaster took the early lead getting a 3-0 cushion whilst the Warriors were still getting into the game. From this point on the teams traded goals up to half time. Some great running by Sophie earned 2 penalties but Chris C was unable to convert them. Warriors were down 7-3 at half time and in need of a team talk from coach Mossy.
Second half was a different battle, Warriors starting to dominate the rebound but the goals will still struggling to drop. Though the second half was won 4-2 there were a few tantalising shots bouncing off the basket which on another day would have gone through the korf.
A final score of 9-7 to Lancaster left the team rueing their missed chances and those early Lancaster goals. Bring on a return leg later in the season.

Fish(3), Mossy(2), Lucy(1), Chris C(1)
Report by Chris C

Warriors 3 v Manchester City Renegades 10/11/13
Warriors 3 showed up bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to take on Manchester City’s Renegades. After a good warm-up session there was still no sign of the Renegades. As time ticked on it became clear that a 10am game against Warriors was just too daunting to face for the Renegades, so it was an automatic 10-0 win to Warriors 3!
Instead of wasting the warm-up we managed to pull together a last-minute friendly match against Lancaster 2 (+ Josie from City!). Warriors 3 put their talents to good use and the closest Lancaster got to us throughout the entire game was when the score was 1-1, with the lead stretching out to 6-1 at half time. At the end of the game Warriors 3 walked away from the friendly with a 9-4 win! Stand out performances from Pete and Si who scored most of the goals along with a goal each for 1st team guests, Emma and Miki. Well done to all who played!

Report by Russ & Elise

Overall, a weekend of mixed fortunes. Warrior-drome proved a fortress once again, whilst one of the NW league teams drops both points for the first time this season.

Onwards to next week and the NW Shield!

A weekend of draws, but Warriors remain undefeated!

Warriors 3 v Manchester University 2 03/11/13
A Sunday evening, a time where we should have our feet up. A nice home cooked dinner and maybe a cheeky beverage before the Monday morning alarm wakes us from our slumber.
But not for the Warriors. They were in action Sunday evening against Manchester University 2. A team full of young whipper snappers. Ready to use their boundless stores of energy and fresh faces to try and take Warriors unbeaten record away from them.
The first half fell into their hands, a very close game with the only real difference being Universities ability to put the ball in the hoop. Build up play was brilliant from both sides however the half-time score told a different story.
Inspirational talks are hard to come by, but something must have been said at half time to the Warriors lot. Facing stiff defensive work from University the Warriors kept knocking on the door. They finally clawed the score back so they were tied, squeaky bum time had arrived. With the game getting heated, the commitment could not have been questioned. Warriors who were on the up took the lead just before the end. Defend! Defend! Defend! Even if a long shot from University took the game to a draw (either 5 all or 6 all – there is confusion!), the Warriors could leave the court knowing they were in a game. Showing they were no push overs and would fight to the end. A draw was probably a fair result, what matters is that Warriors are still unbeaten and have had a cracking start to the season.

Chelle(2), Russ(1), Pete(1), Andy P(1)
Report by Chris B

Warriors 2 v Leeds City 2 03/11/13
Warriors 2 travelled over the M62 in torrential rain to face Leeds City 2 for a friendly.  Leeds 2 are currently second in CERL 2, the league above Warriors 2 so this was always going to be a challenging match.
Sophie opened the scoring early in the match and the teams traded goals until a 4-2 lead was opened up.  The attacking prowess of 4 assist players in one division saw Warriors’ scoring rate slow but while the goals weren’t coming, the team was dominating the post both ends and producing flowing attack play.
A 6-3 lead for Warriors unfortunately slipped away to 6-6 before Warriors were holding an 8-7 lead as the final countdown started.  The countdown had finished and a final long shot went up from Leeds and the ball went through the korf just on the refs whistle.
A tough match for Warriors 2 but a fair result showing they could mix it with the division above.  An enjoyable match played in good spirits.

Sophie(3), Paul(1), Moss(1), Micki(1), Laura(1), Fish(1)
Report by Chris C

A tough weekend for Warriors, two leads stolen by their opposition at the final moments but another weekend unbeaten for the club!

Warriors 3 continue the club’s winning streak

So the opening day of the season arrived for Manchester Warriors 3rd team on 27th October. After a fantastic pre-season it was time to show the league what we were made of.

Lancaster University were our opponents if you didn’t know, we wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t. The first half; Warriors dominated possession, keeping it really tight in defence and creating lots of chances in attack. Warriors just had to be patient and keep doing what they were doing and Lancaster would get tired.

And tired they became; the second half Warriors’ pre-season fitness sessions paid off. Whilst Lancaster were huffing and puffing Warriors were passing the ball around sublimely. Their advantage grew and grew until the final whistle came and it was 7-3. Warriors had won. A brilliant all round performance from the players. If we keep this up we can do some damage in the league this year. A big thanks to Fish and Miriam for coming to support. Warriors are pretty much like the korfball Barcelona: “more than a club”.

That makes it 3 from 3 as a club, brilliant start!

Scorers – Elise, Russ, Lucy, Si(2), Laura, Andy P

Warriors open the season with two great wins!

Warriors 1 v Leeds City 19/10/13

Warriors 1st team travelled to Leeds for the opening match of the season. Always a tough game as Leeds are known for being a strong team however with lots of new blood in the team, Warriors were looking for a strong start to the season.
The match started fairly evening with no more than 2 in it for the first half. Some great play, however Warriors hadn’t quite got into the right gear and at half time the score was 8-7 to Warriors. The second half began much more strongly with good defensive play causing Leeds to struggle to find the korf. Some great team play led to Warriors storming ahead to finish the game 17-11. Fantastic debuts from Jo Nash, Jake Tiddy and Ali Jung as well as great performances from the ‘oldies’ means we can look forward to the season ahead.

Mike(5), Fish(2), Amy(1), Ali(4), Jake(1), Emma(2), Jo(2).

Warriors 2 v Man City Bengals 20/10/13

New look Warriors 2 took on Man City Bengals for the first game of the new season in a venue with a new floor so shiny it was described as an ice rink.  Club debuts for Dani Malerba and Laura Bonney.
Paul, Mossy, Laura and Lucy started in attack with Dani, Chris C, Sophie and Lib making up defence.  Strong control of the post from the attacking boys saw Paul score the first goal of the new season and set the scene for a 7-0 domination of the first half.
The crowd begged for more of the same in the second half with the score rising to 12-0 before Chris let City’s John Schofield score a long shot.  The risk of a 10 shot fine was short lived as the ref gave a penalty to make it 12-2.  A run of 4 penalties in the last 5 goals showed a slightly scrappier end to the match but Warriors maintained control and saw out a 14-4 win in the first game. 7 goals each division with Sophie and Paul top scorers.
This was the only NW league game of the weekend so Warriors 2 currently sit top of the league – theirs to hold on to.  With everyone in the team scoring and Dani getting player of the match on his debut, the season looks bright for Warriors 2.

Paul(2+1p), Mossy(2), Laura(1), Lucy(1), Dani(2), Chris(1p), Sophie(3), Lib(1).

Two from two a great start to the season!  Warriors 3 in action next week, look out for the report!