During the season (September-April) we train on Tuesdays at the newly opened Didsbury High School, 4 The Avenue, West Didsbury, M20 2ET.

During summer we move between venues, so keep an eye on our Instagram/latest news section of the website, or give us an email to find out where we’ll be training each week!

During the korfball season, we train from 7-10pm on Tuesday evenings, and have team specific training on Thursday evenings at 7-9pm. Teams rotate between Tuesday and Thursday evenings, so you always get to see members from across the club!

7-8pm on Tuesdays focus on korfball skills, such as shooting and fitness, followed by lots of drills and gameplay 8-10pm. This takes place at Didsbury High School, M20 2ET.

Thursdays are for team tactics, and team bonding! Thursday trainings are at Chorlton High School, M21 7SL.

During the off-season (May-August), we train Tuesday 7-9pm, and the focus is on fun! Highlights include Korfball Monopoly, extra twists to normal drills, and goals to play for cards from 5 Second Rule! Christmas training is a highlight for the club, and the local shops are always suspiciously short of advent calendars!

We are lucky to have some fantastic coaches at the club.

Kev Moss – Club Coach (Level 3)
Mike Brayne – (Level 2)
Ed Holt – (Level 2)

Chris Cooper – (Level 2)
Emma Higton – (Level 2)
Ed Sherriff – (Level 1)

If you’re new to the sport you get your first 4 sessions free.

See you all there!